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Restoring Courage & Moral Excellence

Generations of World-Changers

Character, honesty, integrity, and perseverance 

rest at the very core of a life lived out of honor.


Once youth begin to operate with this blend of personal qualities, everything changes. Their relationship to parents, teachers, friends and enemies is transformed. It opens new doors of opportunity to them as the authority figures in their lives begin to trust them with more responsibility and reward.

That being said, developing men and ladies of honor doesn't happen by accident. It is by strategic design, and followed by willful intent.

Our life-transforming strategy is fleshed out through a 2-year comprehensive mentoring and training track for all young people, ages 11-17. Our biggest impact is with fatherless and "at-risk" youth.

We turn youth into qualified leaders and world changers by training in principles of chivalry, honor, moral excellence and courageous leadership utilizing life-changing camps and ongoing weekly curriculum-based meetings.


"Maturity doesn't come with begins with the acceptance of responsibility."

– Edwin Louis Cole

The Mission

Living in a time where young kids suffer from distraction, indifference, passivity, bullying, substance and sexual pressure, Honor Ministries exists to stand in the gap with you on behalf of our 'at-risk' kids, building courage and moral excellence back into a culture driven by fear, anxiety, and confusion. Honor Ministries provides proven pathways of change, through mentoring and training tracks provided in school, church and community center environments, that transform these young boys and girls full of potential into young men and ladies of honor that go on to change not just their lives, but the lives of their friends and families and eventually, the world as we know it.

Our Mission

The Vision

The vision is not abstract, nor is it unattainable. We see a future of new generations of young men and women that are balanced in their soul and bold in their spirit, that are more concerned with character over comfort, care over criticism, revelation over rebellion, justice over juvenile thinking, and others over themselves. These new generations will usher in new eras in courage, civility, kindness and compassion that will rival any time the world has ever seen, and honor will saturate society in a way never before experienced. This vision will be the reality, and will come through the intent of their minds, wills, and actions - and the world will be changed.

Our Vision

We invite you to invest in the lives of our youth and a future governed by honor!

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